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Social impact assessment

Dushanbe – Kyrgyz Border Road Rehabilitation Project, Phase 1

Tajikistan, 2005

Sector: Infrastructure and urban development

Partners: Ministry of Transport, Asian Development Bank

Employer: SMEC International (Australia)

Project summary: Technical supervision of a project to rehabilitate a section of the road from Dushanbe to the Kyrgyz border

Position: Social and environmental impact specialist



  • implemented a benefit monitoring and evaluation program
  • developed performance indicators and project targets in cooperation with local and regional governments
  • established a set of baseline data
  • assessed Ministry of Transport management information systems in relation to monitoring activities
  • conducted training on operational social research methods and built the ministry’s capacity to conduct social impact assessments
  • assisted with an environmental sustainability assessment of the project
  • developed and implemented selective household surveys to measure the socioeconomic benefits of the project

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