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Privatisation HR

Human resource consulting for the privatisation of a state-owned enterprise

Poland, 1995–1996

Sector: Human resources

Client: Multinational firm acquiring state-owned enterprise

Employer: Price Waterhouse

Project summary: Human resource consulting on the privatisation of a state-owned manufacturing enterprise

Position: Human resource consultant




  • reviewed relevant Polish employment law and regulations, and assessed socioeconomic impacts of the privatisation
  • analysed existing human resource capacity in the state-owned enterprise and identified related accounts, reports and procedures
  • assessed human resource management information systems and developed specifications for strengthened national and transnational systems
  • provided advice on organisation design and conducted organisation design workshops
  • analysed individual job specifications and grading and assisted in the revision of pay scales
  • developed training plans and conducted process re-engineering workshops
  • developed revised human resource processes and conducted training, and internal and external communications activities, to implement the new processes
  • collected and analysed baseline data on project impacts
  • conducted community consultations and managed negotiations with workers and unions on organisational changes, including the migration of personnel and tasks, and the relocation of production facilities