Just Insights—part of the Research Communications Group


Just Insights partners with other experienced professionals who share the company’s values and commitment to quality. Just Insights’ strategic partnerships allow it to deepen and broaden its technical capacity and its contribution to meaningful social development outcomes.
Phillip Belling draws on his extensive relationships with other specialists, think tanks, research institutes, universities and businesses around the world to address the technical needs of particular projects and expand learning opportunities.

Research Communications Group

Phillip Belling has been a professional associate and senior evaluation specialist with the Research Communications Group (RCG) since 2012.

RCG is a small, highly specialised research and evaluation firm committed to improving social development outcomes, predominantly in low- and middle-income countries.

RCG supports evidence-based programming and policy development through its in-house experts and global network of associates and affiliates, including Just Insights.

PREP Consulting

In 2014, Phillip Belling co-founded PREP Consulting in Vietnam as a partner company to Just Insights.

PREP Consulting specialises in policy research and evaluation in support of social development, and serves as a point of collaboration with local researchers and communities.

The partnership between Just Insights and PREP Consulting provides a cost-effective platform for conducting research and evaluation in Vietnam and other Asian countries.