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‘I worked with Phillip in Dushanbe when we were both contracted by the ADB to develop a concept and strategy for Tajikistan’s EMIS. It was a pleasure to work with an international consultant who had a good understanding of the cultural and social issues in the country, and who combined strong technical understanding with strategic thinking. He helped the team to develop an approach that was sensitive to Tajikistan’s capacity at the time, and that was focused on meeting critical information needs as soon as possible.’

Shavkat Kabilov, education consultant


‘Phillip is always focused on achieving the best possible development outcomes. He applies his deep knowledge and understanding of evaluation and research with an emphasis on helping people grow and learn, and helping institutions improve the quality and equity of their service delivery.’

Rick Frost, inclusive education specialist

‘I first encountered Phillip as a consultant providing expert technical advice on M&E and EMIS in Vietnam. He’s a highly effective consultant with a passionate commitment to equity and justice. He responds within deadlines and provides detailed analysis in well-written, useful reports. Phillip combines a high level of technical knowledge with experience spanning many countries. But more than that, he identifies opportunities to use existing structures and institutions and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve results.’

Anouk van Neck, team leader, social policy programs

‘I worked with Phillip on the School Education Quality Assurance Program. He is a talented and experienced consultant and I appreciated the way he always valued the contributions of his Vietnamese colleagues. During the many years that he has worked in Vietnam, he has learned a great deal about Vietnamese policy. He is hard-working and dedicated to improving the lives of Vietnamese children.’

Lê Thị Thu Dinh, policy development and training consultant

‘I worked with Phillip on program implementation and policy development over a number of years in Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. I’ve always been impressed by his ability to conceptualise complex policy issues and solutions and then collaborate with different groups to get activities moving in a positive direction.’

Carlton Aslett, development policy and program consultant