Power sector HR

Assam Power Sector Development Program

India, 2005

Sector: Infrastructure and urban development

Partners: Government of Assam, Asian Development Bank

Employer: SMEC International (Australia)

Project summary: Loan project to support the rationalisation and partial privatisation of electricity generation and supply in Assam

Position: Training specialist


  • Developed training plans linked to new human resource policies and supported implementation of the training plan
  • Built human resource capacity for planning, designing and implementing performance improvement strategies and programs
  • Provided advice to local project teams on assessing training needs and priorities and developing solutions for critical training requirements
  • Supported the Assam State Electricity Board to develop and implement—centrally and across the entire state—a comprehensive performance improvement framework and performance management information system
  • Supported the electricity board to develop a tailored training curriculum, identify and assess training providers, develop costed training options, build capacity to budget for organisational development, and develop concrete training plans