Power sector HR

Ethiopia Energy II Project

Ethiopia, 2003–2005

Sector: Infrastructure and urban development

Partners: Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, World Bank

Employer: SMEC International (Australia)

Project summary: Management training to support the modernisation, rationalisation and partial privatisation of electricity generation and distribution

Position: Project director and strategic management adviser



  • Managed overall project implementation
  • Developed training plans based on organisational audit and assessment
  • Delivered training in strategic management, change management and quality assurance to more than 300 senior, middle and frontline managers in the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
  • Built capacity of executive and senior managers in the national electricity utility with regard to strategic planning, decentralisation and disaggregation
  • Designed a human resource development program integrated with the national civil service reform agenda
  • Established a project evaluation plan and base data for a longitudinal survey
  • Designed performance indicators and project targets
  • Implemented monitoring and evaluation systems and evaluated project benefits