Just Insights’ evaluation and social impact specialist, Phillip Belling, has a track record in delivering professional and reliable services in the following areas:

Program design

Just Insights supports clients and partners to design project and program activities, starting with rigorous, evidence-based problem analysis and then clearly establishing a theory of change to ensure that activities are strongly linked to targets and outcomes.


Program monitoring

Effective and efficient program monitoring is based on a detailed understanding of program design and objectives. Just Insights develops monitoring and evaluation frameworks; activity, result and outcome indicators; data collection processes and procedures; and guidelines for data management and reporting.


Program evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic and research-based practice that assembles evidence to support decision-making about programs, projects and other policy interventions. Just Insights designs evaluations that are rigorous and responsive to the program theory and design and to the context of program implementation.

Evaluation reports consolidate evidence within coherent theoretical assessment frameworks and provide partners with clear recommendations and a sound basis for decision-making.


Social research

Just Insights undertakes social research in a wide variety of areas, including education, health, community empowerment, and infrastructure and urban development. This research targets the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised people and is intended to provide evidence for improved policy approaches.

Just Insights designs and conducts qualitative and quantitative research, including clarification of research questions, development of research instruments and systematic analysis of data. Phillip Belling can lead a research activity or collaborate with partners on any stage of the research process.


Social impact assessment

Social impact assessment (SIA) complements the economic and environmental impact assessments that are now routinely required for infrastructure and urban development policies and plans. Just Insights provides a rigorous SIA methodology based on best practice in the social sciences, including consultative and collaborative approaches to involve the wider community.


Policy assessment and development

Evidence-based research provides policy leaders with the information they need to adjust or revise a specific policy or suite of policies. Working with government departments and sector specialists from bilateral and multilateral development organisations, Just Insights provides qualitative and quantitative research and policy analysis to support assessment of the impact, efficiency and effectiveness of policy, and to support policy change.