HIV and refugees
African Great Lakes

Social and Gender Assessment of HIV/AIDS among Refugee and Internally Displaced Populations in the African Great Lakes Region

Uganda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2004

Sector: Health

Partners: Various national partners, World Bank

Employer: SMEC International (Australia)

Project summary: World Bank working paper to determine the factors affecting HIV transmission in vulnerable populations in the African Great Lakes region

Position: Project director (Canberra-based)


  • Supervised and contributed to the design and implementation of a social and gender assessment in the three Great Lakes countries
  • Identified data sources
  • Assisted in the design and development of a comprehensive social and gender assessment survey tool and manual
  • Oversaw selection and training of survey field staff
  • Assessed community roles and functions and assisted in the development of social profiles
  • Collaborated in formulating recommendations
  • Directed consolidation of country reports and edited the final contents of the working paper and recommendations